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Magnetostratigraphy and palaeoclimatic significance of Late Neogene aeolian sequence of Lanzhou area 期刊论文 Han Fei 2154
Palaeovegetational and palaeoenvironmental changes since the last deglacial in Gonghe Basin, northeast Tibetan Plateau 期刊论文 Cheng Bo 1908
El gobierno federal exige detener la disposición de residuos sólidos en vertedero municipal de Toa Alta, Puerto Rico 科技资讯 1401
5 questions business sustainability leaders should ask their cloud provider 科技资讯 -- 990
How climate change impacts the economy 科技资讯 -- 801
U.S. EPA Announces Cleanup Accomplishments, Including in Southern California, through the Superfund Program 科技资讯 609
Administrator Wheeler Highlights Trump Administration Commitment to Great Lakes, Superfund Cleanup in Milwaukee 科技资讯 464
How Mercury Emissions from Industry Can Be Greatly Reduced 科技资讯 -- 404
EPA issues summary of recent Safe Drinking Water Act compliance orders to protect public health in Region 8 Indian country 科技资讯 366
稀土金属离子掺杂层状钛酸盐的制备及其光催化性能研究 项目 陈锋 357
Kazakhstan plans to bring Aral Sea’s landscape back to life 科技资讯 -- 349
Small businesses in Lafayette and Wheat Ridge, Colo. receive $300K each to develop innovative environmental technologies 科技资讯 301
Celebramos 25 años de cooperación binacional para mejorar la calidad del aire en la región de la cuenca atmosférica Paso del Norte 科技资讯 301
Rapid MODIS-based detection of tree cover loss 期刊论文 Wheeler, David 289
London plans tribute to green investments pioneer 科技资讯 Paul Brown 286
Strategic protection of landslide vulnerable mountains for biodiversity conservation under land-cover and climate change impacts 期刊论文 Li B.V. 285
Urbanization effect on precipitation over the Pearl River Delta based on CMORPH data 期刊论文 Chen S. 271
Downscaling MODIS-derived water maps with high-precision topographic data in a shallow lake 期刊论文 Xiao, Fei 263
国际机构分析碳捕集与封存的政策重点 快报文章 全球碳捕集与封存研究院(Global CCS Institute) 251
末次间冰期南极和格陵兰岛冰融化对海平面的贡献 快报文章 《自然•通讯》(Nature Communications) 250
What They Are Saying: EPA Proposes First Ever Rule to Improve Transparency of Guidance 科技资讯 248
Laboratory investigation of the heat transfer characteristics of a two-phase closed thermosyphon 期刊论文 Zhang, Mingyi 240
美国所有地区都无法摆脱气候变化的不利影响 快报文章 Jeremy Martinich 237
Southern California Cities Lead Nation in ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings Rankings 科技资讯 236
MAX-DOAS measurements of NO2, SO2, HCHO, and BrO at the Mt. Waliguan WMO GAW global baseline station in the Tibetan Plateau 期刊论文 Ma J. 232
Experimental investigation on dynamic characteristics of sandy gravel in frozen region 期刊论文 Li, Fada 232
City of Lincoln, Nebraska, Selected for $800,000 EPA Brownfields Grant to Address Contaminated Properties 科技资讯 228
Sea ice thickness, freeboard, and snow depth products from Operation IceBridge airborne data 期刊论文 Kurtz N.T. 227
U.S. Navy enters agreement with U.S. EPA to upgrade Pearl Harbor-Hickam Wastewater Treatment Plant 科技资讯 214
Optimal design of thermal insulation layer of a tunnel in permafrost regions based on coupled heat-water simulation 期刊论文 Li, Shuangyang 211
Lawn mowing frequency and its effects on biogenic and anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions 期刊论文 Lerman, Susannah B. 209
Are the G20 economies making enough progress to meet their NDC targets? 期刊论文 den Elzen M. 209
In world convulsed by climate-driven conflict, are peace parks an answer? 科技资讯 -- 209
2018年全球气候融资总额比2017年下降了11% 快报文章 气候政策倡议组织(CPI) 208
高山峡谷水库区区域滑坡早期动态识别研究 项目 谢谟文 207
岩体结构面蠕变特性与长期强度特性的综合研究 项目 沈明荣 206
CTCN Progress Report 2019 科技报告 UNEP 206
Planning with justice: Using spatial modelling to incorporate justice in electricity pricing – The case of Tanzania 期刊论文 Menghwani V. 206
加拿大的气候变暖速度是全球平均速度的两倍 快报文章 加拿大环境和气候变化部(Environment and Climate Change Canada) 205
Vermont Organizations and Individual Recognized by EPA with Regional Environmental Award 科技资讯 205
Effects of China's environmental policy on carbon emission efficiency 期刊论文 Pan, Xiongfeng 199
Uplisting of Malagasy precious woods critical for their survival 期刊论文 Waeber P.O. 195
Antarctic ice shelves are shattering. How fast will seas rise? 科技资讯 -- 195
We could power a new green movement by talking about energy change 科技资讯 -- 193
It’s a galloping goodbye to Europe’s coal 科技资讯 Kieran Cooke 193
Climate and health damages from global concrete production 期刊论文 Miller S.A. 193
Drought disaster risks under CMIP5 RCP scenarios in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China 期刊论文 Tan, Chunping 193
Tree-ring based drought reconstruction for the Guiqing Mountain (China): linkages to the Indian and Pacific Oceans 期刊论文 Fang, Keyan 192
气候变化科学动态监测快报2019-8期 情报产品 中国科学院兰州文献情报中心 191
气候变化科学动态监测快报2018-21期 情报产品 中国科学院兰州文献情报中心 191
Chemical components and distributions in glaciers of the Third Pole 期刊论文 Kang, Shichang 191
Extending the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system to hemispheric scales: overview of process considerations and initial applications 期刊论文 Mathur, Rohit 190
Chemical signatures of soft tissues distinguish between vertebrates and invertebrates from the Carboniferous Mazon Creek Lagerstätte of Illinois 期刊论文 McCoy V.E. 190
The IPBES Global Assessment: Pathways to Action 期刊论文 Ruckelshaus M.H. 190
Washington passed its cap-and-trade climate legislation. Now what? 科技资讯 -- 190
Burden of ischemic heart disease and stroke attributable to exposure to atmospheric PM2.5 in Hubei province, China 期刊论文 Yu W. 189
Global inequalities in food consumption, cropland demand and land-use efficiency: A decomposition analysis 期刊论文 Duro J.A. 189
CPI分析全球低碳转型对南非的影响并提出应对措施 快报文章 气候政策中心(CPI) 188
Genetic diversity of Wolbachia endosymbionts in Culex quinquefasciatus from Hawai`i, Midway Atoll, and Samoa 科技报告 Atkinson 188
气候变化科学动态监测快报2020-24期 情报产品 中国科学院兰州文献情报中心 188
Organic matter inputs and depositional palaeoenvironment recorded by biomarkers of marine-terrestrial transitional shale in the Southern North China Basin 期刊论文 Liu, Peng 187
3 Combating deforestation: From satellite to intervention 期刊论文 Finer, Matt 186
Key drivers controlling the stable isotopes in precipitation on the leeward side of the central Himalayas 期刊论文 Ren, Wei 184
Study finds that water determines magma depth, a key to accurate models of volcanic activity, eruption 科技资讯 -- 184
Tibetan Plateau Geladaindong black carbon ice core record (1843–1982): Recent increases due to higher emissions and lower snow accumulation 期刊论文 Matthew J. 183
南极冰山将显著延迟南半球的气候变暖 快报文章 《自然•气候变化》(Nature Climate Change) 182
Developing and validating the Dragons of Inaction Psychological Barriers (DIPB) scale 期刊论文 Lacroix, Karine 182
Impact of natural gas production on nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide over Northeast British Columbia, Canada 期刊论文 Islam S.M.N. 182
三峡水库消落带典型植物根际微域汞的转化及其作用机制 项目 王定勇 181
'Oldest bamboo' fossil from Eocene Patagonia turns out to be a conifer 科技资讯 -- 181
The Challenge of Long-Term Climate Change 期刊论文 Hasselmann K. 181
Warmer climate projections in EC-Earth3-Veg: The role of changes in the greenhouse gas concentrations from CMIP5 to CMIP6 期刊论文 Wyser K. 180
Indonesia readies its green diesel. These are the likely social and environmental impacts 科技资讯 -- 179
畸形波与浮式结构相互作用的三维模拟研究 项目 赵西增 178
EPA Announces $100,000 Small Business Innovation Research Award for Cyclopure in Skokie 科技资讯 178
Extreme temperatures in the Antarctic 期刊论文 Turner J. 178
Influence of atmospheric circulation on the long-range transport of organochlorine pesticides to the western Tibetan Plateau 期刊论文 Gong, Ping 177
Development and evaluation of clear-water pier and contraction scour envelope curves in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont Provinces of South Carolina 科技报告 Benedict 176
气候变化科学动态监测快报2020-5期 情报产品 中国科学院兰州文献情报中心 176
Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode 期刊论文 Holden M.A. 176
Preparing for the health impacts of climate change in Indigenous communities: The role of community-based adaptation 期刊论文 Ford J.D. 175
Many kids take a passion for the planet back to school 科技资讯 -- 174
“甜甜圈”的狂欢年 科技资讯 倪思洁 174
EPA Proposes Groundwater Cleanup Plan for the Nyanza Waste Dump Superfund Site in Ashland, Massachusetts 科技资讯 174
Climate Strategies 2020 科技报告 United Nations Environment Programme 173
Mechanical Amorphization of Synthetic Fault Gouges During Rotary-Shear Friction Experiments at Subseismic to Seismic Slip Velocities 期刊论文 Kaneki S. 173
Whether crude oil dependence and CO2 emissions influence military expenditure in net oil importing countries? 期刊论文 Wang K.-H. 173
Cumberland-Marlboro basin basement drilling results – 2015: Cumberland, Hoke and Scotland counties, North Carolina 科技报告 Jeffrey C. Reid 172
柴达木盆地和河西走廊地区祁连圆柏树轮对气候变化响应的对比研究 项目 王江林 172
EPA Awards $300,000 Brownfields Assessment Grant to Tuskegee, Alabama 科技资讯 172
Impact of glacier loss and vegetation succession on annual basin runoff 期刊论文 Carnahan E. 170
气候变化科学动态监测快报2018-23期 情报产品 中国科学院兰州文献情报中心 169
Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccination by age 期刊论文 Castro M.C. 169
Natech or natural? An analysis of hazard perceptions, institutional trust, and future storm worry following Hurricane Harvey 期刊论文 Slack T. 169
Weekly patterns and weekend effects of air pollution in the Moscow megacity 期刊论文 Elansky N.F. 168
全球科学家联名发表世界正面临气候危机的警告 快报文章 《生物科学》(BioScience) 167
Hydroclimatic teleconnections of large-scale oceanic-atmospheric circulations on hydrometeorological extremes of Tapi Basin, India 期刊论文 Sharma P.J. 167
气候变化科学动态监测快报2020--08期 情报产品 中国科学院兰州文献情报中心 167