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Evaluation of a climate simulation over the Yellow River Basin based on a regional climate model (REMO) within the CORDEX 期刊论文
Atmospheric Research, 2021, 卷号: 254
Creator:  Pang G.;  Wang X.;  Chen D.;  Yang M.;  Liu L.
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Simulation of the Present and Future Projection of Permafrost on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with Statistical and Machine Learning Models 期刊论文
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2021, 卷号: 126, 期号: 2
Creator:  Ni J.;  Wu T.;  Zhu X.;  Hu G.;  Zou D.;  Wu X.;  Li R.;  Xie C.;  Qiao Y.;  Pang Q.;  Hao J.;  Yang C.
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China's Chang'e-5 landing site: Geology, stratigraphy, and provenance of materials 期刊论文
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021, 卷号: 561
Creator:  Qian Y.;  Xiao L.;  Wang Q.;  Head J.W.;  Yang R.;  Kang Y.;  van der Bogert C.H.;  Hiesinger H.;  Lai X.;  Wang G.;  Pang Y.;  Zhang N.;  Yuan Y.;  He Q.;  Huang J.;  Zhao J.;  Wang J.;  Zhao S.
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Chang'e-5  chronology  geological mapping  landing site  mare basalts  regolith  
Ocean-continent transition architecture and breakup mechanism at the mid-northern South China Sea 期刊论文
Earth Science Reviews, 2021, 卷号: 217
Creator:  Zhang C.;  Sun Z.;  Manatschal G.;  Pang X.;  Li S.;  Sauter D.;  Péron-Pinvidic G.;  Zhao M.
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Breakup  Core complex structure  IODP Expeditions 367&368&368X  Marginal segmentation  Ocean-continent transition  South China Sea  
Evolutionary analysis and lineage designation of SARS-CoV-2 genomes 期刊论文
Science Bulletin, 2021
Creator:  Tang X.;  Ying R.;  Yao X.;  Li G.;  Wu C.;  Tang Y.;  Li Z.;  Kuang B.;  Wu F.;  Chi C.;  Du X.;  Qin Y.;  Gao S.;  Hu S.;  Ma J.;  Liu T.;  Pang X.;  Wang J.;  Zhao G.;  Tan W.;  Zhang Y.;  Lu X.;  Lu J.
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Adaptive evolution  Compensatory advantageous mutation  COVID-19  Evolutionary analysis  Lineage designation  
Small P values may not yield robust findings: an example using REST-meta-PD 期刊论文
Science Bulletin, 2021
Creator:  Jia X.-Z.;  Zhao N.;  Dong H.-M.;  Sun J.-W.;  Barton M.;  Burciu R.;  Carrière N.;  Cerasa A.;  Chen B.-Y.;  Chen J.;  Coombes S.;  Defebvre L.;  Delmaire C.;  Dujardin K.;  Esposito F.;  Fan G.-G.;  Di Nardo F.;  Feng Y.-X.;  Fling B.W.;  Garg S.;  Gilat M.;  Gorges M.;  Ho S.-L.;  Horak F.B.;  Hu X.;  Hu X.-F.;  Huang B.;  Huang P.-Y.;  Jia Z.-J.;  Jones C.;  Kassubek J.;  Krajcovicova L.;  Kurani A.;  Li J.;  Li Q.;  Liu A.-P.;  Liu B.;  Liu H.;  Liu W.-G.;  Lopes R.;  Lou Y.-T.;  Luo W.;  Madhyastha T.;  Mao N.-N.;  McAlonan G.;  McKeown M.J.;  Pang S.Y.Y.;  Quattrone A.;  Rektorova I.;  Sarica A.;  Shang H.-F.;  Shine J.M.;  Shukla P.;  Slavicek T.;  Song X.-P.;  Tedeschi G.;  Tessitore A.;  Vaillancourt D.;  Wang J.;  Wang J.;  Jane Wang Z.;  Wei L.-Q.;  Wu X.;  Xu X.-J.;  Yan L.;  Yang J.;  Yang W.-Q.;  Yao N.-L.;  Zhang D.-L.;  Zhang J.-Q.;  Zhang M.-M.;  Zhang Y.-L.;  Zhou C.-H.;  Yan C.-G.;  Zuo X.-N.;  Hallett M.;  Wu T.;  Zang Y.-F.
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Ocean-continent transition architecture and breakup mechanism at the mid-northern South China Sea 期刊论文
Creator:  Zhang C.;  Sun Z.;  Manatschal G.;  Pang X.;  Li S.;  Sauter D.;  Péron-Pinvidic G.;  Zhao M.
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Effects of cumulus parameterization and land-surface hydrology schemes on Tibetan Plateau climate simulation during the wet season: insights from the RegCM4 model 期刊论文
Climate Dynamics, 2021
Creator:  Wang X.;  Chen D.;  Pang G.;  Anwar S.A.;  Ou T.;  Yang M.
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Historical and future climates over the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River Basin simulated by a regional climate model in CORDEX 期刊论文
Climate Dynamics, 2021, 卷号: 56, 期号: 2021-09-10
Creator:  Wang X.;  Chen D.;  Pang G.;  Gou X.;  Yang M.
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Evidence for nematic superconductivity of topological surface states in PbTaSe2 期刊论文
Science Bulletin, 2020, 卷号: 65, 期号: 16
Creator:  Le T.;  Sun Y.;  Jin H.-K.;  Che L.;  Yin L.;  Li J.;  Pang G.;  Xu C.;  Zhao L.;  Kittaka S.;  Sakakibara T.;  Machida K.;  Sankar R.;  Yuan H.;  Chen G.;  Xu X.;  Li S.;  Zhou Y.;  Lu X.
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Nematic superconductivity  Point-contact spectroscopy  Topological superconductor  Topological surface states