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跨国治“沙”这几年 科技资讯
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沙尘  蒙古国  沙尘暴  中科院大气物理研究所  环境  
Deriving hourly full-coverage PM2.5 concentrations across China's Sichuan Basin by fusing multisource satellite retrievals: A machine-learning approach 期刊论文
Creator:  Liu Y.;  Li C.;  Liu D.;  Tang Y.;  Seyler B.C.;  Zhou Z.;  Hu X.;  Yang F.;  Zhan Y.
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Aerosol optical depth  Data fusion  Fine particulate matter  Hourly PM2.5  Machine learning  Sichuan basin  
Prototype of readout electronics for GAEA gamma spectrometer of Back-n facility at CSNS 期刊论文
Creator:  Xie, L.;  Cao, P.;  Yu, T.;  Jiang, Z.;  An, Q.;  Li, J.;  Li, C.;  Wu, X.;  Wang, Z.;  Bai, H.;  Bai, J.;  Bao, J.;  Chen, Q.;  Chen, Y.;  Chen, Z.;  Cui, Z.;  Fan, A.;  Fan, R.;  Feng, C.;  Feng, F.;  Gao, K.;  Gu, M.;  Han, C.;  Han, Z.;  He, G.;  He, Y.;  Hong, Y.;  Hu, Y.;  Huang, H.;  Jia, W.;  Jiang, H.;  Jiang, W.;  Jin, Z.;  Kang, L.;  Li, B.;  Li, G.;  Li, Q.;  Li, X.;  Li, Y.;  Liu, J.;  Liu, R.;  Liu, S.;  Luan, G.;  Ning, C.;  Qi, B.;  Ren, J.;  Ren, Z.;  Ruan, X.;  Song, Z.;  Sun, K.;  Tan, Z.;  Tang, J.;  Tang, S.;  Wang, L.;  Wang, P.;  Wen, Z.;  Wu, X.;  Yang, Y.;  Yi, H.;  Yu, Y.;  Zhang, G.;  Zhang, L.;  Zhang, M.;  Zhang, Q.;  Zhang, X.;  Zhang, Y.;  Zhang, Z.;  Zhao, M.;  Zhou, L.;  Zhou, Z.;  Zhu, K.
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Data mining of plug-in electric vehicles charging behavior using supply-side data 期刊论文
Energy Policy, 2022, 卷号: 161
Creator:  Siddique C.;  Afifah F.;  Guo Z.;  Zhou Y.
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Mitigating size bias for carbon pricing in small Asia-Pacific countries: Increasing block carbon tax 期刊论文
Energy Policy, 2022, 卷号: 161
Creator:  An Y.;  Zhou D.;  Wang Q.;  Shi X.;  Taghizadeh-Hesary F.
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Inclusive wealth index measuring sustainable development potentials for Chinese cities 期刊论文
Global Environmental Change, 2022, 卷号: 72
Creator:  Cheng D.;  Xue Q.;  Hubacek K.;  Fan J.;  Shan Y.;  Zhou Y.;  Coffman D.M.;  Managi S.;  Zhang X.
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Chinese cities  Human capital  Inclusive wealth  Natural capital  Produced capital  Sustainable development  
Regulatory effect of improving environmental information disclosure under environmental tax in China: From the perspectives of temporal and industrial heterogeneity 期刊论文
Energy Policy, 2022, 卷号: 164
Creator:  Zhang J.;  Liu Y.;  Zhou M.;  Chen B.;  Liu Y.;  Cheng B.;  Xue J.;  Zhang W.
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Surface characteristics of the Zhurong Mars rover traverse at Utopia Planitia 期刊论文
NATURE GEOSCIENCE, 2022, 卷号: 15, 期号: 3, 页码: 18
Creator:  Ding, L.;  Zhou, R.;  Yu, T.;  Gao, H.;  Yang, H.;  Li, J.;  Yuan, Y.;  Liu, C.;  Wang, J.;  Zhao, Y-Y S.;  Wang, Z.;  Wang, Xiyu;  Bao, G.;  Deng, Z.;  Huang, L.;  Li, N.;  Cui, X.;  He, X.;  Jia, Y.;  Yuan, B.;  Liu, G.;  Zhang, H.;  Zhao, R.;  Zhang, Z.;  Cheng, Z.;  Wu, F.;  Xu, Q.;  Lu, H.;  Richter, L.;  Liu, Z.;  Niu, F.;  Qi, H.;  Li, S.;  Feng, W.;  Yang, C.;  Chen, B.;  Dang, Z.;  Zhang, M.;  Li, L.;  Wang, Xiaoxue;  Huang, Z.;  Zhang, J.;  Xing, H.;  Wang, G.;  Niu, L.;  Xu, P.;  Wan, W.;  Di, K.
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Viscous creep of ice-rich permafrost debris in a recently uncovered proglacial area in the Tianshan Mountains, China 期刊论文
Advances in Climate Change Research, 2022
Creator:  Zhou Y.;   Li G.-Y.;   Jin H.-J.;   Marchenko S.S.;   Ma W.;   Du Q.-S.;   Li J.-M.;   Chen D.
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Understanding urban plant phenology for sustainable cities and planet 期刊论文
Nature Climate Change, 2022, 卷号: 12, 期号: 4
Creator:  Zhou Y.
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