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1. Increased interglacial atmospheric CO2 levels followed the mid-Pleistocene Transition 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Yamamoto M.; Clemens S.C.; Seki O.; Tsuchiya Y.; Huang Y.; O’ishi R.; Abe-Ouchi A.
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2. Neogene South Asian monsoon rainfall and wind histories diverged due to topographic effects 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Sarr A.-C.; Donnadieu Y.; Bolton C.T.; Ladant J.-B.; Licht A.; Fluteau F.; Laugié M.; Tardif D.; Dupont-Nivet G.
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3. Atmospheric CO2 control of spontaneous millennial-scale ice age climate oscillations 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Vettoretti G.; Ditlevsen P.; Jochum M.; Rasmussen S.O.
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4. Sea spray as an obscured source for marine cloud nuclei 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Xu W.; Ovadnevaite J.; Fossum K.N.; Lin C.; Huang R.-J.; Ceburnis D.; O’Dowd C.
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5. Secondary organic aerosol formed by condensing anthropogenic vapours over China’s megacities 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Nie W.; Yan C.; Huang D.D.; Wang Z.; Liu Y.; Qiao X.; Guo Y.; Tian L.;
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6. Intense upper ocean mixing due to large aggregations of spawning fish 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Fernández Castro B.; Peña M.; Nogueira E.; Gilcoto M.; Broullón E.; Comesaña A.; Bouffard D.; Naveira Garabato A.C.; Mouriño-Carballido B.
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7. Fluocerite as a precursor to rare earth element fractionation in ore-forming systems 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Strzelecki A.C.; Migdisov A.; Boukhalfa H.; Sauer K.; McIntosh K.G.; Currier R.P.; Williams-Jones A.E.; Guo X.
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8. Geoscientists across borders 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: [无可用作者姓名]
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9. Uncertain response of ocean biological carbon export in a changing world 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (4)
Authors: Henson S.A.; Laufkötter C.; Leung S.; Giering S.L.C.; Palevsky H.I.; Cavan E.L.
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10. Risks to carbon storage from land-use change revealed by peat thickness maps of Peru 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2022 ,15 (5)
Authors: Hastie A.; Honorio Coronado E.N.; Reyna J.; Mitchard E.T.A.; Åkesson C.M.;
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1. The atmosphere of Mars as observed by InSight 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2020 ,13 (3)
Authors: Banfield D. ;Spiga A. ;Newman C. ;Forget F. ;Lemmon M. ;Lorenz R. ;Murdoch N. ;Viudez-Moreiras D. ; ...
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2. Mangrove canopy height globally related to precipitation, temperature and cyclone frequency 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (1) : 40-+
Authors: Simard M. ;Fatoyinbo L. ;Smetanka C. ;Rivera-Monroy V.H. ;Castañeda-Moya E. ;Thomas N. ;Van der Stocken T.
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3. Atlantic and Pacific tropics connected by mutually interactive decadal-timescale processes 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2021 ,14 (1)
Authors: Meehl G.A. ;Hu A. ;Castruccio F. ;England M.H. ;Bates S.C. ;Danabasoglu G. ;McGregor S. ;Arblaster J.M. ; ...
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4. Worldwide alteration of lake mixing regimes in response to climate change 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (4) : 271-+
Authors: Woolway R.I. ;Merchant C.J.
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5. Consistent multidecadal variability in global temperature reconstructions and simulations over the Common Era 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (8) : 643-+
Authors: Neukom R. ;Barboza L.A. ;Erb M.P. ;Shi F. ;Emile-Geay J. ;Evans M.N. ;Franke J. ;Kaufman D.S. ; ...
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6. Drought impacts on terrestrial primary production underestimated by satellite monitoring 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (4) : 264-+
Authors: Stocker B.D. ;Zscheischler J. ;Keenan T.F. ;Prentice I.C. ;Seneviratne S.I. ;Peñuelas J.
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7. Possible climate transitions from breakup of stratocumulus decks under greenhouse warming 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (3) : 163-+
Authors: Schneider T. ;Kaul C.M. ;Pressel K.G.
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8. Stabilization of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in China over the past decade 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (6) : 424-+
Authors: Yu G. ;Jia Y. ;He N. ;Zhu J. ;Chen Z. ;Wang Q. ;Piao S. ;Liu X. ; ...
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9. Human domination of the global water cycle absent from depictions and perceptions 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (7) : 533-+
Authors: Abbott B.W. ;Bishop K. ;Zarnetske J.P. ;Minaudo C. ;Chapin F.S. ;III ;Krause S. ;Hannah D.M. ; ...
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10. Negligible cycling of terrestrial carbon in many lakes of the arid circumpolar landscape 期刊论文
Nature Geoscience ,2019 ,12 (3) : 180-+
Authors: Bogard M.J. ;Kuhn C.D. ;Johnston S.E. ;Striegl R.G. ;Holtgrieve G.W. ;Dornblaser M.M. ;Spencer R.G.M. ;Wickland K.P. ; ...
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