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Age, biomarker, sea surface temperature, and stable isotopic records of sediment core GeoB20616-1 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-01-08,
Creator:  Hahn;  Annette;  Schefuß;  Enno;  Miller;  Charlotte;  Zabel;  Matthias;  Groeneveld;  Jeroen
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Single water samples from MOSES project's stern cruises 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-01-07,
Creator:  Bussmann;  Ingeborg;  Brix;  Holger;  Esposito;  Mario;  Fischer;  Philipp;  Flöser;  Götz;  Friedrich;  Madlen;  Nehir;  Münevver
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Response of the microbial food web to gradients of organic matter and grazing pressure and multi-stressor effect in incubation experiments in three different marine ecosystems: Patagonia, Arctic and Mediterranean 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-01-22,
Creator:  Sanchez;  Nicolas;  Leiknes;  Øystein;  Tsagaraki;  Tatiana M;  Hopwood;  Mark;  Gallego-Urrea;  J;  Avarachen;  Mathew Kuttivadakkethil;  Cuevas;  L Antonio;  Kankus;  Janset;  King;  Andrew L;  Reggiani;  Emanuele Roberto;  Bratbak;  Gunnar;  Larsen;  Aud;  Sandaa;  Ruth-Anne;  Egge;  Jorun K;  Turner;  David;  Besiktepe;  Sengul;  Bizsel;  Kemal Can;  Bizsel;  Nihayet;  Iriarte;  Jose Luis;  González;  Humberto;  Torres;  Rodrigo;  Bellerby;  Richard G J;  Thingstad;  Tron Frede;  Hoffmann;  Linn;  Achterberg;  Eric Pieter;  Vadstein;  Olav;  Olsen;  Yngvar;  Ardelan;  Murat V
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Faunal abundance and CTD measurements of stations T3, T5 and L6 from cruise Lowphox-I during December 2015, Chile 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-01-27,
Creator:  Tutasi;  Pritha;  Escribano;  Rubén
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Meiofauna abundance and distribution predicted with random forest regression in the German exploration area for polymetallic nodule mining, Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone, Pacific 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-02-18,
Creator:  Uhlenkott;  Katja;  Vink;  Annemiek;  Kuhn;  Thomas;  Martínez Arbizu;  Pedro
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Investigation of sediment oxygenation in marsh grass rhizospheres 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-02-26,
Creator:  Koop-Jakobsen;  Ketil;  Fischer;  Jan;  Wenzhöfer;  Frank
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Trace metals and metalloid elements in sediment cores (1940s-2017) and suspended particulate matter (2017-2018) from the Eure River, France 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-03-02,
Creator:  Gardes;  Thomas;  Debret;  Maxime;  Copard;  Yoann;  Coynel;  Alexandra;  Deloffre;  Julien;  Fournier;  Matthieu;  Revillon;  Sidonie;  Nizou;  Jean;  Develle;  Anne-Lise;  Sabatier;  Pierre;  Marcotte;  Stéphane;  Patault;  Edouard;  Faivre;  Quentin;  Portet-Koltalo;  Florence
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Molecular composition of light hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon ratios of gas and oily bubbles collected with the Gas Bubble Sampler at Tsanyao Yang Knoll during METEOR cruise M114 in 2015 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-03-03,
Creator:  Pape;  Thomas;  Geprägs;  Patrizia;  Buchheister;  Stefanie;  Bohrmann;  Gerhard
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Phytoplankton pigment concentration and phytoplankton groups measured on water samples and from radiometric measurements obtained during POLARSTERN cruise PS113 in the Atlantic Ocean 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-03-17,
Creator:  Bracher;  Astrid;  Xi;  Hongyan;  Dinter;  Tilman;  Wiegmann;  Sonja
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Data of pluviographic observations of rainfall at weather stations of the Urals (1936-2015) 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-03-03,
Creator:  Klimenko;  Dmitriy;  Kutergina;  Dariya
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Culture experiment with microalgae metacommunities on effects of a regional heatwave disturbance on species diversity and turnover 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-03-19,
Creator:  Engel;  Friederike G;  Matthiessen;  Birte;  Eriksson;  Britas Klemens
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Barents Sea plankton tows and surface sediment planktonic foraminifera assemblages 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-03-20,
Creator:  Meilland;  Julie;  Howa;  Hélène
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PHREEQC modeling of an abandoned high sulfidation open pit and SEM-EDS analyses of the mineralogy and geochemistry of the secondary phases developed 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-04-03,
Creator:  Triantafyllidis;  Stavros;  Psarraki;  Despoina
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Seabed images taken during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XXIX-9 (PS82) to the Weddell Sea, Antarctica 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-03-27,
Creator:  Pineda-Metz;  Santiago E A;  Gerdes;  Dieter
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Megafauna abundances with corresponding environmental and nutrient variables from a SponGES cruise with RV G.O. Sars and ROV Ægir 6000 from two ROV dives in Sognefjord, Norway 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-04-15,
Creator:  Meyer;  Heidi Kristina;  Roberts;  Emyr Martyn;  Mienis;  Furu;  Rapp;  Hans Tore
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Intact polar lipid composition, compound-specific carbon isotopic composition, and hydrological data from Crystal Geyser, Utah, USA 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-04-20,
Creator:  Probst;  Alexander J;  Elling;  Felix J;  Castelle;  C J;  Zhu;  Qingzeng;  Elvert;  Marcus;  Birarda;  Giovanni;  Holman;  Hoi-Ying N;  Lane;  K R;  Ladd;  Bethany;  Ryan;  M Cathryn;  Woyke;  Tanja;  Hinrichs;  Kai-Uwe;  Banfield;  Jillian F
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TOBB: Canada's three oceans of benthic biodiversity database 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-04-21,
Creator:  Wei;  Chih-Lin;  Cusson;  Mathieu;  Archambault;  Philippe;  Belley;  Renald;  Brown;  Tanya;  Burd;  Brenda J;  Edinger;  Evan;  Kenchington;  Ellen L;  Gilkinson;  Kent;  Lawton;  Peter;  Link;  Heike;  Ramey-Balci;  Patricia A;  Scrosati;  Ricardo A;  Snelgrove;  Paul V R
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Helicosphaera spp. coccolith morphometry and nannofossil fluxes at DSDP Site 74-525 and ODP Site 115-707 during the past 15 Ma 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-04-28,
Creator:  Šupraha;  Luka;  Henderiks;  Jorijntje
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ATLAS Mingulay Reef Complex Macrobenthos and Environmental Data 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-05-06,
Creator:  Kazanidis;  Georgios;  Henry;  Lea-Anne;  Vad;  Johanne;  Johnson;  Clare;  De Clippele;  Laurence Helene;  Roberts;  J Murray
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Cryogenic gypsum collected during PS106-1/2 in 2017 数据集
类型: dataset, 2020-05-08,
Creator:  Wollenburg;  Jutta E;  Iversen;  Morten Hvitfeldt
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